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Rake In Up To 35% Commission

Want to start making an additional income? Become a Marketing
Mentors Affiliate. Tell others about our marketing products, programs
and teleclasses and you can
earn up to 35% in commission.

If you are familiar with Affiliate programs you can register here,
otherwise keep reading...

Free and fast to join
It's completely free to sell our products - no dues, no membership fees, nothing to buy. You simply earn up to 35% commission on each sale of our products and seminars that is generated by visitors who come to our site as a result of clicking your affiliate link.

What do you have to do as an affiliate?
You surely don't have to become a sales person. Simply invite others to visit our web site. You can point your affiliate links directly to one of our products or you can simply invite them to take advantage of the free marketing report or read the marketing articles. We'll take care of everything else.

How will you know you made a sale?
You receive your own unique affiliate link. When a person visits our web site using your special link - a small snippet of code (a cookie) is placed on their computer - so that our system can recognize them when they come back at a later time.

It doesn't matter if they purchase anything on their first visit or a year later - our system will recognize your affiliate code and credit you for the sale. You will receive an email notification about every sale. Once your total commission reaches $50 you'll receive a commission check for the sales you've made.

Who can  become our affiliate?
Our affiliate program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet access. A commission check will be sent in US dollars for your commissions once a month to the address you indicate.

Once you've signed up you will get detailed instructions and your affiliate link. Make sure to save that message in a place where you can retrieve it and refer to it at a later time if needed.

To sign up and get your own Marketing Mentors affiliate link


Affiliates Log-In:
To track your sales and commission click here or use the link at the top of this page. You will need your affiliate username and password.

Thanks for your interest in spreading the word about Marketing Mentors.
Best of success and prosperity.

Adam Urbanski

Adam Urbanski


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