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Boost Your Biz With These Hot Tools

Every week I get emails asking me what system I use to send out my ezine or how to put audio on your web site. This last week I must have answered about 30 of those emails - so I figured I might as well save the rest of you the hassle of emailing me and just give you all the scoop on the cool tools I'm using. So here is goes.

"What program do you use to send your ezine?"

There is a number of systems for sending out your online newsletters, but once I started using I got hooked! And here is why:

  • It completely automates my subscribe/unsubscribe process so that I don't ever have to think about it.
  • It gives me unlimited sequential autoresponders (automated email replies)

  • It allows me to easily broadcast my ezine with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • It makes creating input forms for my web site as easy as 1-2-3.

  • It allows me to track how many subscribers actually read my ezine and monitor how many messages get "bounced".

  • I gives me a shopping cart to automate the sale of information products, services and seminars right from my web sites.

  • I can use one system and connect it to all my web sites.

  • It provides me with an "affiliate module" so that other people can automatically register to become my "independent sales reps".

There is a whole lot more of other, more advanced tools to monitor and measure my online marketing efforts.

Frankly, I used to recommend a different system to clients who were just getting started online because I wanted to help them save a few bucks. What a mistake! If you are serious about promoting your services online - you've got to get serious about the tools you are using. In my opinion - is a must (take advantage of the free trial)

"I like how you put the recording of your voice on your web site... How did you do that?"

When Armand Morin came up with his I didn't like the idea of paying a monthly fee just to have my voice on my web site. So I found another service and for a $100 I purchased a complete system. Well, about a month later I still subscribed to

Here is why:

  • There is no need for any additional recording equipment. You can use a telephone to record professional quality audio messages. If you can leave a voicemail you can use AudioGenerator.
  • It is super easy to add to my web site or email. Without any programming skills, anyone with just a basic knowledge of web sites can do this. Or you can simply email a "snippet of code" to your web master and it will take him or her no more than two minutes to add it to your site - that's how easy it is. But that's still not the best...

  • I can easily record and send an online "audio postcard". The last one I did, took less than 10 minutes to create and send out to 5,000+ people (all with no additional cost on my part!)

  • I now have a private, toll-free testimonial collection hotline. Clients can record an audio testimonial for me as simply as leaving me a voicemail.

Again, this is just a tip of the iceberg. If you are selling on eBay, want to greet your web visitors with your own voice message, or need to collect client testimonials easy - is the only way to go. Take advantage of their $1 test for 20 days!

"This survey was really cool! How did you put it together?"

I have to tell you - this is probably the coolest tool of them all. I first used to collect feedback from web visitors when promoting a seminar earlier this year.

It's essentially a web based data base compiler. It allows me search the data for specific words, analyze density of specific words among all the responses, eve export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

If you are thinking so what's the big deal about this, let me put it in the proper perspective for you. Have you ever said to yourself: "Boy, I wish there was a way to get inside my customer's head and figure out what they are thinking?" Well, that's exactly what allows you to do.

Find out the exact thought process and the language your customers are using when they talk about their problems. Find out specifically what aspects of the problem they want to solve the most, etc., etc. Can you begin to see how powerful this could be?

Frankly, I only wished that I used it a lot more a lot earlier! A critical tool to have for any business. It doesn't matter if you are just getting started or if you've been in business for a while. It's a real revelation to read you customers' mind! Take advantage of their $1 for 20 days trial offer!

How do I promote and sell my services online?

There is really only one product that I'll recommend to you without any hesitation - "Make My Knowledge Sell" and "Make My Site Sell" by Ken Evoy. This is almost like an encyclopedia of online marketing.

Ken doesn't leave anything out. You'll learn how to extract the knowledge you already have, publish it and market it online. Find out how to successfully build a site, submit it to search engines, write persuasive sales copy and more. At just about $30 this is the best investment you'll ever make in your business. Very highly recommended!

Well, there you have it - serious tools for serious entrepreneurs. I hope that you'll find this information helpful.

(c) 2004 Adam M. Urbanski


Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentor, helps Independent Service Professionals and Small Business Owners attract more clients. For more promotional tips and a FREE 32-page marketing guide go to

NOTE: Are you looking for fresh content for your ezine or web site? Feel free to reprint this article as long as it's kept intact and unaltered (including the “about the author” info at the end), and you send a copy of your reprint to

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