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10 Best Ways to Drive Targeted
Traffic to Your Website - Part 1

Building a great website that doesn’t get any traffic is like having a great car but no fuel – it just won’t take you very far! Fortunately, finding ways to bring good quality, targeted visitors to your site is not as hard as one might think...

Find out 10 easy web promotion ideas you can use right away. These tactics are free or costs very little to implement. And when you use them they will deliver measurable results.

This way, in a matter of days, you can bring to your website more targeted traffic, build a larger database of potential clients, and give your sales a quick and healthy boost.

So here they are:

1) Get a good domain name.

It seems basic but so many people still name their websites using abbreviations of their business name. Web address looks like this “” – which stands for John Smith and Associates Consulting – is not as easy to remember as “” (not a real domain – just an example.)

But it gets even worse. In an effort to save a few dollars some business owners use free hosting services that make their domains look as long and unattractive as freight trains!

Besides, nothing kills your professional credibility faster than having something like this - - as your domain name.

Instead, make your domain name memorable so potential clients can easily find it and refer others to it.

It’s a good practice to incorporate in your domain name some of your main keywords like I did in my branding website or use words describing the benefits your company offers to its clients (like in this sales-letter site )

2) Submit electronic press releases.

You can easily write press releases yourself or have them professionally written for a just a few dollars.

Even submitting short, “best five tips” type articles as your press releases will help get you links pointing to your site.

Like many good strategies, this is not a one-shot-deal. Publishing press releases should be something you do at least monthly.

With a simple online search you will find dozens of places that will distribute your press releases completely free. Here are a few I personally use on regular basis: (no longer free but very good),,, and

3) Build your list and generate your own repeat traffic.

It amazes me to see how many websites don’t make any effort to collect contact information from their visitors.

If you are thinking that people who come to your website have nothing better to do than to regularly re-visit it on their own you are making a huge mistake.

Build a database of subscribers and regularly keep in touch with them. Yes, I know - we all get too many ezines as it is, but until you come up with something better use what already works for thousands of others.

4) Write and publish articles.

There are many traffic-generating gimmicks that come and go every few months, but developing good content and having it published on other websites is one of my favorite staple long-term strategies that you should pay close attention to.

For most people good content shouldn’t be hard to develop. You can write articles yourself. Transcribe recordings of teleseminars and presentations you deliver. Or outsource it all together to skilled ghost-writers. It can be done at a price so affordable it will surprise you.

Where you submit your articles depends on who your target audience is. Search the internet using your keywords and start collecting websites you like that accept content from guest contributors.

You can also get a head start with this short list I already compiled in one of my previous articles.

5) Use joint ventures and strategic alliances.

This is one of my highest ranked strategies. It allows me to “borrow” traffic from other people’s lists. Today, most of my own traffic, outside of publishing articles and press releases, comes through arrangements with other influencers who have a large following.

Through online searches, while networking with others in your industry, and when attending live events make it a point to connect with people who you’d like to promote to your clients and who in exchange would gladly introduce you to theirs.

Become a “collector” of such people. Start a separate database where you keep information about them. Keep in touch, develop a relationship with them. And remember – it’s a two-way street, meaning if you always ask for help and never give any all you’ll eventually get is a cold shoulder!

Make it your goal to develop one good strategic alliance a month. You’ll find this strategy a lot more effective in generating new web traffic and business than days and weeks of chasing individual prospects.

Do you want to find out more website promotion strategies? Get instant access to an exclusive 60-minute program where I explain in detail 31 best, fast and easy, free and low cost website marketing ideas.

Or read five more ideas here


(c) 2006 Adam M. Urbanski 


Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentor, helps Independent Service Professionals and Small Business Owners attract more clients. For more promotional tips and a FREE 32-page marketing guide go to

NOTE: Are you looking for fresh content for your ezine or web site? Feel free to reprint this article as long as it's kept intact and unaltered (including the “about the author” info at the end), and you send a copy of your reprint to

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