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10 Best Ways to Drive Targeted
Traffic to Your Website - Part 2

Building a great website that doesn’t get any traffic is like having a great car but no fuel – it just won’t take you very far! Fortunately, finding ways to bring good quality, targeted visitors to your site is not as hard as one might think...

If you missed the first five tips, you can read them here.

Here are five more ideas you can use to bring more quality targeted traffic to your website. These are simple things most everyone can do and they cost nothing or very little to implement. So here we go…

6) Advertise in other ezines.

Find other e-zine publishers who are targeting a similar audience. Some of them sell advertising spots in their publications, some trade ads for free, and many accept guest articles.

All three methods are a good way to gain additional exposure for your website. Plus, people who subscribe to other ezines will likely subscribe to yours, giving you a chance to bring them to your website over and over again.

A great resource to find thousands of other ezine publishers and instantly have their contact information as well as important data about their publication subscribe to Charlie Page’s; it’s one of the most extensive resource libraries for ezine publishers.

7) Exchange links with other websites.

Ask other people with quality websites to link to you. Using simple tools like Alexa toolbar and Google you can easily find other sites your potential clients like and visit. Approach the webmasters and owners of those sites and offer to like your website to theirs if they do the same for you.

It’s simple to do. Many sites have special pages listing good resources. If your website offers good information other people will gladly list it as one of those resources. Some sites also publish other people’s articles. If they do, getting them to publish one of your articles is an ideal way to get them to link to you.

If you have your own affiliate program (which you can easily set up a quality shopping cart like the one I use – offering affiliate commissions can be a good bargaining chip it trying to get others to link to you.

Many website owners look for good quality products and programs they can recommend to their lists. When they see the opportunity to make some money by sending you their visitors they will be much easier to persuade to link to you.

8) Buy advertising on other websites.

If you can’t get website owners to link to you for free, many of them sell banner and text advertising on their websites. Starting with just a few dollars you can place your ads on sites popular with your target audience and start driving more traffic to your website right away.

Be careful not to let advertising costs get out of hand and monitor and track your results. Know your numbers. At the very least you should know how much you are paying for each visitor and what is the value of that visitor to your business.

9) Send out a postcard campaign.

Go offline to mine the online gold. A well targeted direct mail campaign can quickly get you the first influx of visitors. And unlike sending unsolicited emails buying a list and mailing them an attractive offer via a postcard will not land you in the “spam jail”!

Even in small quantities postcard mailings can be very effective and quite cost effective; you can send them for as little as 35 or 40 cents a piece.

To get the most out of your postcard campaign keep in mind your goal is to get people to your site – not to sell them (that comes later.) Best offers to include on your postcards are “free giveaways” like special reports and access to teleseminars.

Of course you’ll want to capture the names and emails of people responding to your postcard – so you can continue your marketing efforts via email.

10) Use classified advertising in targeted trade magazines.

Placing small classified ads in your industry’s publications can be very affordable for most small business owners.

If you are not familiar with classified ads pick up any newspaper and you’ll likely find an entire section filled with them. These short ads often have only 10 to 20 words that attempt to compel the readers to respond and take action.

One downside of this method is the long lead time many publications have. You may have to wait 60 or 90 days before your ad is published so you must plan your advertising months in advance.

The plus side is that for a fraction of what regular display ads might cost you can drive readers of prestigious publications directly to your website.

As with all marketing strategies, those that are actually implemented tend to work the best. To get the most out of these tips develop a marketing calendar and focus on taking focused action and implementing just one tactic at a time.

Put to use just a few of these methods and before long your website will get the all the visibility and traffic you want.

Do you want to find out more website promotion strategies?

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(c) 2006 Adam M. Urbanski 


Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentor, helps Independent Service Professionals and Small Business Owners attract more clients. For more promotional tips and a FREE 32-page marketing guide go to

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