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Give Me 20 Minutes And Your Toughest Marketing Problem And I Will Show You How To Generate An
Avalanche of New Clients and Profits
(On a Shoestring Budget!)

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to attract new coaching or consulting clients? Are you frustrated with marketing strategies that cost a fortune and generate little or no results?

If you want a reliable way to consistently attract new potential clients - and I mean real prospects with real problems, desire to solve them, ability to make the decision and the money to buy your solution now – this may be the most important message you will read this year.

90-Day Ultimate Marketing Makeover; Learn
How To Make Clients To Come To You

In an intensive 12-week program I will personally work with you, one-on-one, to create an influx of new leads and clients, develop passive income streams, overcome your most pressing marketing challenges and concentrate on work for which you have true passion.

Here Is A Sneak Peak Into Just A Few Things I Will Help You Accomplish:
bullet Create a marketing message that says "what you get" rather than "what I do"
bullet Build a client attraction system that causes prospects to seek YOU out
bullet Learn step-by-step plan to find a market that's hungry and willing to pay for your service or product now
bullet Quickly and inexpensively develop profitable multimedia info-products (I will even give you full rights to a ready to sell product so you can start generating money right away!)
bullet Generate an influx of new, qualified leads and paying clients with new online and offline marketing tactics
bullet Position yourself as an expert in your industry in record time
bullet Identify and eliminate the main barriers that cause people not to do business with you before they ever come up
bullet Convert more appointments into actual paying clients
bullet Automate most of your marketing processes so you have more time to work with clients that love you and enjoy your life


"For over 30 years I studied and researched relationships - first as a Marriage and Family Counselor in Phoenix and more recently as a Relationship Consultant in California. Attracting new clients since moving to Orange County has been a struggle. It was frustrating watching others, less qualified than I having more success than me. I hired Adam because I knew he would be the one to help me get focused and create more clients fast and with less effort. His strategies are now helping me quickly become recognized as one of the nation's well known relationship experts. I am happy I didn't wait one more day to hire him."

Mary Pat Wylie, Ph.D.  

You might be a bit skeptical...

That's quite normal. Especially if you have been burned by a bad marketing campaign or if you have been struggling for years to attract clients and build a profitable practice.

However, once you see this system in action, you will immediately see how simple and powerful it is to produce predictable results.

As a matter of fact, there are....

5 Reasons Why This Program Is So Powerful

  1. It does not require a big marketing budget, every small business can afford to implement it
  2. You’ll generate more high-quality prospects than you ever thought possible
  3. You will create passive income streams that don't require your time and energy
  4. This system works equally well for new and established professionals
  5. It will give you a brutally unfair advantage over your competition

Listen to Will

"By sharing his system with me, Adam, in two meetings, has helped me design a practical plan
. Adam is helping me clear a path to the target audience..."

Will Crist


In 90 days you'll discover more about
marketing your business than in
three years of doing it on your own...

While everyone is a bit different, here is an example of the work we might be doing together:

High-Impact Session
We'll build a powerful vision for your business which will become the cornerstone of the entire program. We'll address the opportunities you can take advantage of, barriers you need to eliminate, and strengths you can build on.

Session One
Putting in place a strategic plan. Once you know where you want to go we'll define specific action steps - strategies and tactics - to get you there. We may address different methods of delivering your services (practice models) and appropriate sales and marketing systems.

Session Two
This session typically includes conversations about the concepts of Ideal Client and Niche Marketing, your positioning (your Unique Selling Proposition) and your Audio Business Card (ABC™)

Session Three
Taking advantage of the "low hanging fruit."
Most businesses - even if you are just starting out - can find opportunities for developing rapid momentum. This could be a strategic alliance, hidden profit center, an underserved/previously ignored market.

Session Four
Developing attraction tools.
If you were preparing to go fishing you'd probably spend some time preparing your tools and bait. The same goes with marketing; you'll need multiple marketing tools to attract and educate potential clients, strategic partners and COI (Centers of Influence). We'll address an array of marketing tools and which ones are best for your situation.

Session Five
Develop a marketing savvy web site.
This is one of the most important marketing tools available to small businesses and it deserves your special attention. Properly develop and maintained your web site could potentially become the number one client attraction tool.

Session Six
Productizing your services.
Developing time-bound group programs can make attracting new clients a lot easier. But developing the wrong programs can set you back for months or even years. We'll address best strategies for structuring your group programs.

Session Seven
Developing your first Knowledge Product
Creating information products and attraction tools forces you to focus on your process - making it clearer and more effective. In this session I will guide you through the elements of developing your own audio program or e-book.

Session Eight
Strategies for optimizing and
developing systems to maintain momentum and sustain business growth. This includes creating internal systems, time management, referral strategies, and building a winning support team.

Session Nine
Open discussion.
Although there is time in each session to address the issues that come up as we work together (this is why we are working on-on-one) - this is the time to reflect on the 90 days and address the issues you think will have the greatest impact on your future growth...

(Keep in mind that this is just a sample. This program is catered to your specific needs - so the topics we'll work on might be slightly different.)

Here is a summery of everything
you will receive as my client:
bullet Marketing Makeover Home Study Course - This is the foundation for this coaching program. Over 100 pages jam-packed with no-nonsense marketing strategies, tools and ready to copy examples to build an irresistible client attraction program for your coaching or consulting business.
bullet "Marketing Score Card" - this is an in-depth analysis designed to reveal weak points and gaps in your current marketing system that are costing you thousands of dollars in sales opportunities you are overlooking right now.
This assessment will be the basis for our...
bullet "High Impact Session" - in this extended coaching call I will evaluate your Score Card and we will explore your business down to the smallest detail. I guarantee that in this call alone I will help you discover at least two or three opportunities to attract new clients and increase your sales. We will prioritize them and create an implementation plan.
bullet 9 Coaching Sessions Over Three Months - You will get my undivided attention for 40 minutes a week to answer questions and guide you in implementing marketing strategies we agree upon. I will give you specific recommendations to keep you focused, overcome challenges and connect you with resources as you need them. This will generate momentum and keep you focused on actionable steps that produce results.

I will record your coaching calls so you don't have to take notes. You can be 100% focused on our conversation and still refer to it later on.
bullet Web Analysis - If you have an existing web site I will do a 25-step review. I will evaluate your content, design and image, technical aspects and marketing issues from the perspective of your desired results. We will then have a 20-30 minute consultation where I will give you specific recommendations to turn your web site into a lead and revenue generator.
This call will also be recorded so you can give the information to your web master to implement the changes.
bullet 2 Marketing Materials Critiques - Submit any two of your marketing materials: brochure, ad, direct mail piece, sales letter or email for critique and I will evaluate them and give you written recommendations for improvement.

I will also give you these four free bonuses

FREE BONUS #1 - "How to Double Your Sales" program. This is a comprehensive outline of 37 high-impact marketing strategies to attract new clients, bring back your existing clients more often and sell them more of your products and services. 50+ page workbook and over two hours of audio.

FREE BONUS #2 - A collection of my audio products. You will get several audio CDs with programs I recorded on a variety of marketing topics. These will help you generate new ideas, keep you motivated to take action, and teach you concepts and strategies to develop a new marketing mindset.

FREE BONUS #3 - Free (or deeply discounted) access to all my teleclasses and live events for 12 months. I regularly conduct high impact, content-packed teleclasses and live seminars where I, or a guest expert, teach on a specific area of marketing (like lead generation, conversion strategies, product development, etc.) You will be able to attend those for free or at a very significant discount.

FREE BONUS#4 - "How To Create Killer Mini Sites That Sell Like Crazy". A special report with deep dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to a 9-step formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy! (Plus you get the complete rights to sell this great product and keep 100% of the profits in your pocket!)

Listen to Lee

"While working with Adam I was absolutely impressed. He kept coming up with one marketing idea after another. His strategies were based on sound marketing principles and simple to implement.
I recommend Adam to every coach and consultant who needs to develop a better marketing system and attract more clients."

Lee Shapiro

What This Program Is NOT

If you are looking for a silver bullet - a "secret formula" that will make you rich and famous overnight with no effort on your part - keep dreaming your pipe dream because that doesn’t exist and my system is not for you.

If you are just curious, kicking tires and hoping for a free ride - you can stop reading right here and don't waste any more of your time.

However, chances are that if you have read so far through my message you want to make a change in your life and business.

Listen, at this point I have no idea who you are and if what I teach can help you.

I don't know what type of services you sell and to whom, what's your price point, delivery, and or anything about your business at all. And there is only one way to find out. That's why I want to offer the following free gift to you:

“Try Before You Buy” With A
Free One On One Consultation


As a prospective client, I would like to give you a free 20-minute marketing consultation (that's $175 value) with no obligations, no commitments, and no expectations on my part.

Simply tell me your most pressing marketing problem you are faced with in your business. I will then coach you on how to overcome this problem by outlining 3-5 proven marketing strategies and teaching you how to implement them in your business.

"This is a win-win offer for two reasons"

1. I only take on clients I know I can generate results for them. So I get to evaluate your marketing problem in advance to see if my skills and talents are suited to your needs.

2. You get to “try before you buy” and see if I can deliver on my promise without ever hiring me or spending a dime. And you have no obligation to hire me. What could be more fair than that?

"Only 6 can participate"

My time is very limited. I can only work with six (or fewer) new clients every month. Every week I set aside two hours to make these free consultations available.

So if you are committed to attracting new clients, creating passive revenue and creating a more enjoyable life - I suggest you complete this form now. If you are a match expect to double to triple your income in the next three to six months...

Best of success and profitability,

Adam Urbanski

Adam Urbanski

To be considered for a free consultation without risk or
obligation complete and submit this form now.

NOTE: I've not accepted new clients into my program since November 2004. But I'll be available to take on three to five new clients starting in June 2005. If you would like to find out more about having personal access to me and working with me one-on-one, simply complete the from below.
(Completing the form does not mean you'll be accepted,
and places no obligation on you to hire me.)

My Mentoring Service requires a significant
commitment of time and money. Please, if
you are not serious, don't apply!


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What is your biggest goal
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