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Recommended Reading

Marketing Books Written by successful practitioners and filled with lots of hands-on information

An average American reads five books a year. Personally, I think that's a disaster. I love to read and I "gobble up" two to four new books a month.

When clients ask me what books to read - I try to point them to a specific title based on their need. But my typical advice is - just keep reading. Look, if you read just one book a month - that's more than twice the national average!

And I'm willing to bet that a person who reads 12 good business books a year thinks a whole lot different than those who read none!

There are so many great marketing books out there it would be impossible to list them all. But here is just a short selection of some of the books I enjoyed and learned from.

I included a short description next to each title to help make a decision if this is a right choice for you. Hopefully this will give you a good start in your quest to become a great marketer.

Check this site often as I regularly add new titles.

Getting Business To Come To You

This is one of the best books by Sarah and Paul Edwards who built quite a reputation for writing books on small and home based business issues. It's an almost encyclopedic collection of marketing ideas. The Edwards give you a good breakdown of a spectrum of marketing strategies and how to best make them fit your particular situation. With almost 700 pages it can be a little scary at first - but it's a really easy read and it's filled with more ideas than you can implement in your lifetime. If you read nothing else - this is a marketing book to read.

How To Become A Successful Consultant
In You Own Field

Not a new book but it offers a good overview of running and marketing a successful consulting practice. It will guide both new and established consultants through issues like setting up practice, marketing, writing proposals and more. I especially like the part about marketing - it talks about what really works. Highly recommended.

Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty

As the subtitle says, this is probably "the only networking book you'll ever need." Harvey's teachings on networking of all kinds, will help you fully understand the meaning of, "It's who you know, not what you know."

Million Dollar Consulting

For years I've listened to Jay Abraham talk about all the money he made by working with his clients - and how he did it with minimal investment of time - and I could never quite grasp the concept of value pricing. I also find that many of my clients struggle with it as well. You see we are so conditioned to translating hours into dollars that we tend to forget it's not how much of our time goes into the project - it's about how much value we create for our client. Chances are if you are really good at what you do you can produce a lot of value in a short amount of time - so why should you be "penalized" by being paid per hour or per day? If you want to get paid what you are really worth this book by Alan Weiss will help you get there.

The E-Myth Revisited

Most entrepreneurs start with a dream.  But soon, the reality of running all aspects of a business becomes exhausting. Gerber understands the process and has compelling solutions. This book is easy reading, but the lessons will transform your way of "doing" business for years to come. Very highly recommended!

Visionary Business

This is the beginners guide to business success. The book contains a wealth of practical, inspirational and powerful tools for building your business using the principles of attracting success rather than "making sales". It's a very savvy guide that belongs in every professional's library.

Growing a Business

Wow. What an approach to risk and competition. Paul Hawken's book gives you a new outlook on what it really takes to be a success in business; it starts within you!
Very Highly Recemmended!

Marketing Your Services

At $30+ price tag this is probably the best investment in your business you will ever make. This step-by-step guide for small businesses and professionals by Anthony Putman covers every aspect of finding your niche, reaching your customers, filling your practice and making money. Good stories and real life examples. This is a must have book if you want to attract new clients

Marketing Your Services

This brilliant, insightful book by Rick Crandall is all about practical, easy (even fun!) ways to market for folks who have no intention of ever selling anything to anyone, perhaps are a bit reserved or shy - but who still have to make a living! If networking and marketing "schmoozing" doesn't come easy for you - then it's an absolute must have!

Tested Advertising Methods

If you want to get your prospects attention through your writing this is a great book on copywriting. You will learn the importance of developing effective headlines (there are five chapters on headlines alone). You see, attracting attention through writing - from articles, brochures and web sites - requires a certain style that both educates and persuades the readers to take action. Complete with sample ads this updated edition is a resource I definitely recommend.



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