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Programs and Tools to Make
Marketing Easier and More Effective

Here are a few hand picked resources that I either used myself or recommended them to clients and they gave those products raving reviews. As you explore each of those programs a new window will open for each product.


Write Your own e-book in 7 days!

Anyone can write their own money
making e-book - even you!

Writing your own book is the quickest way to establish your expert status. If you have ever, even for a brief moment, thought about writing your own ebook and getting your share of the very lucrative online publishing.... Jim Edward will show you step by step how to have your own ebook in as little as 7 days.

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Comprehensive manual on creating and marketing your own eZine

Boost your business with your own eZine.

This is a comprehensive ebook on how to create and market your own eZine. EZines are the most efficient and effective tool to get your marketing message out on a consistent basis. Now Alexandria Brown - the EZine Queen" has created this extensive manual on eZines. It's over 150 pages long and packed full of hands on information. If you are ready to do your own eZine but don't know where to start - this is it!

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Stop writing your sales letter the hard way

Stop writing your sales letters the hard way!

Yanik Silver claims that in in just 2 minutes you can quickly and easily write a sales letter guaranteed to sell your product or service... without writing. Look, the fact is it will take you longer than 2 minutes. In fact once you start reading all the information Yanik gives you - you want be able to stop. I personally used the help of his materials to create some of my sales materials and I recommend it to all my clients.

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Start your own profitable online business in just 33 days

With just a few dollars and your good information you can start your own profitable online business.

This is another product by Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards and it's jam packed with step-by-step information about starting, marketing and automating an online business that generates ongoing high profits. Yanik and Jim are both veterans and highly recognized experts on internet marketing generating hundreds of thousands of personal income from their own online businesses.

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Make your web site stand out and
establish instant rapport with your visitors
using the power of your voice...
...without being a "techie"!

I'm absolutely jazzed about this program. It allows you to place on your website or email your recorded message! I'm using it all over my site - to welcome visitors, to record testimonials, to distribute educational messages in the email! It's so cool! Other programs charge you a monthly fee and they control all of your recordings. Sonic Memo puts you in full control. It's great! I highly recommend it!

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Make your knowledge and your site sell

Make your site and your knowledge sell!

These are the best ebooks on online marketing - the complete. It's almost like an encyclopedia for online marketing; how to extract the knowledge you already have, publish it and market it online. Information on how to successfully build a site, submit it to seach engines, write persuasive sales copy and more. There is more information in it that you can apply in your lifetime. This is the number one place to go - and it's affordable too.

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Amazing formula that sells product like crazy

Simple, solid, effective marketing strategies
for your info-products or services.

If you are selling your product online or if you are about to this program is a must for you. Marlon Sanders is a marketing guru and this program is a solid guide to what works, what doesn't work and why. He's got over a 100 pages of testimonials from people who implemented his techniques and generated additional sales and profits - they can't be all wrong? Highly recommended....

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Quickly and easy create highly effective pop-up windows for your website

Quickly and easily create your own,
highly effective pop-up windows.

Look I hate pop-up windows just as much as you do. But the fact is - they work. If you really think about it not all the pop-ups are equally frustrating and annoying. I bet that if another widow opens with information useful to you - with something you were actually searching for - now that's not that bad, is it? In any case if you decide to use pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-overs, delayed pop-ups or anything like this to make your website visitors aware of something special you have for them and canpture their information - this is for you (you will actually receive 4 products for the price of one... check it out!

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