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Marketing Expert Teaches Audiences
How To Become A Client Magnet

Looking for a speaker for your professional association, chamber of commerce, business convention or conference that is attended by entrepreneurs and self employed professionals?

Adam Urbanski is a marketing expert who teaches
principles of effective marketing and inspires audiences
to become more effective at attracting new clients.

Your audience will love Adam's high impact, interactive presentations filled with specific strategies and action oriented how-to tips. Adam will keep your audience spellbound with his life stories he uses to illustrate marketing principles. They will enjoy his light humor, learn from his examples of past clients and take away ideas for practical application of new marketing strategies.

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Listen To
Barb Mather

"His subject matter expertise, stories, suggestions and strategies were "right on" for those present"

"Adam's presentation to the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) LAX monthly breakfast meeting on October 1, 2004 was received with great enthusiasm and reception.

His subject matter expertise, stories, suggestions and strategies were "right on" for those present. Everyone was feverishly writing down his professional tips and suggestions, while processing the specific approach each will make to his or her consulting practice.

As VP of the IMC LAX Breakfast programs, it is our goal to continuously improve the programs we offer to management consultants every month, and Adam's presentation clearly exceeded this goal. Thank you, Adam!"

Barbara Mather
VP IMC-LAX Breakfast Group
Mather Consulting Group, Inc.


"People loved you up there..."

Yousef Shafee, President of Relationship Building Network

Listen to Yousef

"We received a couple of comments from the members that they really enjoyed your presentation .... and they thought that you were extremely professional, helpful, and they were also very impressed that you had the opportunity to get up there... and not try to sell or talk about yourself.

"Those are really the qualities that people notice the most, and that's why we received several comments from people that they loved you up there..."

Yousef Shafiee
Relationship Building Network

Select from Adam's most popular topics:

Marketing Makeover;
getting clients to come to you.

This is my most popular presentation. It will answer two of your most nagging questions: "Why your current marketing strategies don't work?" and “how do I get more and better quality clients and build a highly profitable practice?

Fact is, most service professionals today suffer from the “marketing misinformation” and desperately need help with attracting more business. Marketing is not about misleading, misrepresenting or flat out lying. And it's most definitely not about chasing resistant prospects! Marketing is about solving problems using your expertise and doing it profitably!

In this presentation you will learn:

  new marketing mindset; get what marketing is and what it isn't and fall in love with promoting your services

  the seven-step marketing and sales model; how to use your expertise to build a marketing system that will consistently and automatically attract more clients

  three key pieces of information your prospects are looking for that 90% of independent professionals completely overlook; how to communicate about what you do in such a way that people understand it and respond to your message

  how to sell value not process - most service providers fail to attract the highly profitable coaching assignments by charging for their time and process instead of asking to be paid for the value they deliver. In this section coaches will learn how to:

  the Six Figure Practice Marketing Model"; how to use elements of “funnel” and “follow-up” marketing to turn your practice into a client magnet.

Excellent presentation! Useful for all marketers! The idea of packaging our seminars and using the up-front fees for further marketing to our clients makes sense…”

Patee Barta, Marketing Director,
Anderson and Kriger

TurboCharge Your Marketing
(On a Shoestring Budget)

This presentation is a comprehensive overview of a variety of promotional tools and strategies that are most effective for marketing professional service business.

In this presentation you will learn:

  secrets of "networking for dollars"; five deadly mistakes people make while networking that stop them from getting clients

  strategies to build your data base and increase visibility and credibility by writing and speaking

  how to use one super-cheap direct mail strategy to generate new clients fast

  systems for getting referrals; how to leverage the power of "word of mouth" to get a steady flow of new clients

  "auto-pilot, fool-proof" follow up system; how to use technology to educate, market to, and keep in touch with all the prospects, referral sources and clients - without loosing your sanity

“Excellent presentation content for small business. Insightful, short and meaningful marketing strategies and implementation tactics for small business.”

Bill Altonen, Levit & Associates


How to get rich, famous, and live forever
by turning your expertise into highly profitable info-products.

Packaging your expertise and know-how into programs and info-products can become a highly profitable passive revenue center and a key marketing strategy to attract new clients.

This program will show you how to literally double or triple your income by creating highly profitable information products and turning them into automatic profit centers. There is nothing that builds your expert image quicker than your own educational products.

In this presentation you will learn:

  strategies to quickly and inexpensively develop content for your information products

  how you can produce your own multimedia products for less than $100! The exact system I use; tools, software, services and where to get them

  how to get other people to distribute your products for you and introduce you prospects you would never meet otherwise

A lot of great information – useful ideas and tactics. A lot of ideas that we can put to use that could create a lot of improvement.”

Stephan Kiefer, Life Deck


Cyber Marketing;
turning your web site into a client magnet.

Your web site can be a marketing hub that consistently delivers new prospects. Sadly, over 85% of professional services web sites are designed by graphic artists or techies and are a complete waste of money! Learn what critical elements make up an effective professional service web site that gets your phone to ring.

In this presentation you will learn:

  the single biggest mistake most people make when building their website

  eight critical elements that professional services web site must have to make you phone ringing

  offline and online strategies to attract visitors to your web site

“Excellent presentation. I heard … principles to achievable marketing goals with specific applications to business growth.”

Randy Smith, Bux Inc.


The Riches Are In The Niches;
Expending Your Business By Narrowing Your Marketing Focus.

Every business guru on the planet preaches the importance of having a the niche. Marketing to a narrowly focused market offers many benefits - it's les costly to reach your clients, it's easier to identify and address their main problems, it allows you to quickly attain the expert status. It just makes sense to become a "the big fish" in a smaller pond than be "just like the rest of the fish" in a big lake. Fact is every independent service professional needs a niche to focus on but how the heck do you go about selecting one?

In this presentation you will learn:

  four primary types of niches and how to find them

  the step-by-step secrets to finding a super-profitable niche

  the five-step method of highly effective niche marketing

“Adam is one of the best speakers – facilitators I have experienced in 40 years of business listening!”

Arthur Raybold, General Coatings Corp.


Magnetic Marketing;
how to write sales letters, ads and brochures that get results.

This talk is all about why most marketing materials fail to produce the desired results. Whether is a sales letter, an email message, an ad or a web site the principles of writing persuasive copy that gets results remain the same.

In this presentation you will learn:

  the four basic components of developing a winning
direct response ad

  12-step process to writing a red-hot sales letter

  one simple strategy you can implement immediately to boost the response to all your marketing letters

“Thank you for presenting such challenging ideas to expend business.
I enjoyed your presentation which challenged me to think outside the box!

Billie Whiteman, Zodd Enterprises Inc.


Adam Urbanski  will speak for a fee or for free - depending on your group. Adam will travel to groups outside of Orange County and Greater Los Angeles Area providing his travel expenses are reimbursed.

If you would like to book Adam for a speaking engagement, please give him a call at 949-651-8286 or email at


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