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Power-Packed Marketing Workshops
- without leaving your home or office!

Learn how to attract more clients and grow
your professional practice or small business
using today's most effective marketing strategies.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, creative designer, financial advisor or other independent service professional and attracting enough new business is always a challenge - these content-packed teleclasses will teach you how to get more clients with less effort.

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Once a month I teach a content rich program or conduct an interview with another marketing expert.

To learn how to register and participate in the upcoming free teleclasses simply send a blank email to

Here are a few sample topics we cover in our teleclasses:

Creating a Marketing Message...
How to communicate so your clients hear and respond to your message. Learn the three critical pieces of information your prospects are craving that are almost always missing from your marketing materials.
Principles of Educational Marketing...
How to use what you know to make prospects customers come to you.
7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes & How to Fix Them...
Virtually every service professional falls into the trap of making these seven mistakes that are virtually killing your business. This teleclass will help you expose them in your business and teach your how to fix them.
11 Secrets of Effective Networking...
Networking can be one of the quickest way to generate new clients - if you know how to do it right! Discover how to develop relationships and generate high quality leads quickly by following these 11 techniques of effective networking.
How To Use Your Web Site to Attract Clients...
Is your web site generating new business? Find out why not and how these few simple changes can turn your web site into your most powerful marketing tool.
How To Make It Rain Referrals...
Every service professional I ever talked to admits that most of the business comes from WOM (word of mouth) advertising. Yet almost no one has a system to generate enough referrals consistently. Learn simple strategies you can use immediately to double, triple and quadruple your referral rate.

To learn how to register and participate in the upcoming free teleclasses on these and other marketing topics simply send a blank email to

Once you send the message you will receive a response within a few minutes and we will keep you informed about every available free teleclass.


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