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Need a marketing savvy web site
that turns lookie-loos into prospects and buyers?

If you are a solo professional looking for a quality web site that will give you not only a web presence but a web site that will actually help you grow your business - you came to the right place.

I specialize in working with small professional service businesses and self-employed professionals to create web sites that generate leads and sales.

Already have a website but not getting the results you want? Find out about professional web site review.

Any dummy can build a web site...

16-year old high school drop-out can put together a few web pages.
Fact is, web designers are a dime a dozen and most of them fall into one of the two categories: "the artists" or "the techies".  Don't get me wrong - they create beautiful web sites for their clients - problem is they are filled with graphics and "bells and whistles" that look cool but do nothing to attract new clients.

How do I know that? I am a professional web reviewer and I specialize in fixing those web sites that don't work. Those sites usually have little or nothing of value to offer visitors, they take forever to load and are hard to navigate. From a marketing perspective they are a total disaster and a costly mistake. Believe me, fixing a site after it is already created can be a very costly proposition.

Here is what works better...

I approach web design differently. I know what makes web sites attractive to visitors and search engines so I build those components into the design as it is developed. My sites are professional looking, fast-loading, easy to find in search engines and, most importantly, they are packed with useful promotional elements that will help you quickly develop a steady stream of targeted visitors interested in your products and services!

As a matter of fact there are five critical elements of building a web site that turn visitors into clients:

1. Content. “Content is king” – perhaps you’ve heard this already. 90% have content that's self-focused, hard to understand, doesn't communicate the value of your services and fails to build credibility - just to name a few problems.

When you work with me I will provide you with tools that will help you understand the secrets of writing effective web content.

2. Design. This is the first thing people notice when your site opens up. How quickly it displays on their screen, the graphics, the colors, typeface and the overall layout – this creates a quick first impression. If the “look” of your site doesn’t match their expectations and personalities they will be “turned off” before they even read one word of your content.

I use professional, crisp designs, without any unnecessary stuff that slows your site's loading time and distracts visitors.

3. Navigation. Make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. If the information they want is hidden behind a confusing navigation they will get frustrated and leave.

You navigation needs to be easy to follow – simple and “intuitive”. It sounds difficult but it’s not! It just requires that you give some thought to it before we start putting it together. I provide my clients with an easy to follow "web map" that makes navigation planning a cinch.

4. Promotion. Most people think this comes after the web site is completed. Wrong! Look, internet is a truly incredible medium that will help you grow your business, but just putting up a "web brochure" is not enough.

When you become my client, I will not only create a web site that becomes a marketing hub for your business - I will also coach you how to take full advantage of online marketing possibilities.

5. Results. All of the above elements are put together to guide your web visitor to do what you want them to do. This might be to sign up for an ezine, give you a call to ask more questions or purchase your products or services. This is obviously why you put the website together in the first place.

As part of my service I will help you clarify your internet marketing goals and explore the best strategies to achieve them.

For more details about the web site packages I offer, fill out the form below or, if you prefer, please call me at (949) 651-8286

Keep in mind that I don't do fancy interactive sites for large businesses. My web development package is only for professional service businesses and self-employed professionals who want to add a powerful marketing tool to help them market and sell their services.


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