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Is your web site not producing the results your want?
Professional Web Review will tell you quickly
what's wrong with your web site and how to fix it
so that it sells your product or service.

If you are a solo professional and your web site doesn't generate new leads and sales - you are not alone! Even if it's the best looking site on the planet and all your friends love it, if it doesn't help you get new business it doesn't do you any good!

Fact is nine out of ten web sites for professional service businesses fail to produce good results. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a few tweaks your can turn your web site into a marketing hub. It can be a staging area where your prospects build a trusting relationship with you and learn about your services in ways that propels them to contact you.

Here is how it works. You complete a simple form sharing with me what results you want to achieve as soon as possible.

Next I will perform a detailed 25-point analyses of your site in four categories:

Image and Design. I will evaluate your site's design and functionality from the perspective of your potential clients. Remember, that beauty is in the eye of beholder - ultimately it doesn't matter if you like your site - it must meet the expectations of your prospects.

Your Message. How effective your web site is in generating new leads and sales is mostly dependent on your copy. I will give you specific recommendations how to make your copy grab visitors attention, pick their interest and build trust.

Technical Issues. I will check how quickly your pages load with different modems and how they display in different browsers. I will also check how well your web site is optimized for high placement in different search engines.

Your Marketing. Ultimately what's most important is whether your site is generating leads and sales. I will analyze your current strategy and give you specific recommendations and cost effective tools to improve your sales.

We will discuss the results in a 30-minute review session. Based on your objectives I will give you specific recommendations to streamline your design and strategies to incorporate into your online marketing so you sell more of your products and services.

I will record our conversation and you will receive an audio CD so you can refer to this information at a later time or pass it onto your web master to implement the changes we discuss. And I'm willing to bet that you will apply some of my suggestions in other ways of your business as well

Your total investment for Web Site Performance Review is only $395. Once you place your order you will be immediately directed to a simple online form and detailed instructions will be emailed to you.

Click here to order your Web Site Performance Review today


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