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What On Earth Is a Teleclass
and How Does It Work?

If you've never participated in a teleclass before here is
everything you want to know about this fast, fun and interactive
way to learn new marketing skills.

You might think of the Marketing TeleClasses as
"instant marketing workshops by telephone."

They are live, interactive training sessions conducted over the telephone through state-of-the-art teleconferencing bridge systems.

You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your life and business immediately. All of this from the convenience of your home or office and with no travel time.
(see a list of upcoming teleclasses)

If you are an independent service professional who wants to learn more of the fundamental principles of attracting clients to your business these Marketing TeleClasses are perfect for you.

You'll learn hands-on, how-to skills that can be implemented right away to market your services more effectively. These aren't just theories and concepts you'll learn, but proven strategies that work to build your business taught by experienced marketing practitioners.

Here's exactly how the Marketing TeleClasses work. They are conducted over a "high-tech bridge telephone line." It's just as simple as making a phone call. All you do is dial the bridge telephone number (you'll get the telephone number to the line when you enroll) and join us on the call. That's it!

How Marketing Teleclasses work

There will be anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred people in each TeleClass - depending on the topic. The more, the better. When we have a lot of people, virtually every question you can imagine gets asked and answered.

How much does it cost?
Since you can call from anywhere in the world
and the telephone bridges are located in Orlando - Florida, Las Vegas - Nevada, or San Francisco - California, for most people there is a long distance charge for placing the call. But if compare the savings of time, money and effort (not having to leave your home or office and drive to a seminar location) the average cost of a $6 per call is a great deal!

Each TeleClass is 90 minutes long. (Most teleclasses are 60 minutes long.) We give you more hands-on information than other TeleClasses and allow extra time for questions at the end.

Each session is a combination of delivering information and a highly interactive workshop. We'll discuss principles and strategies and then work with participants on the call to clarify the ideas and show how to implement them in your business.

If you are an independent service professional who wants practical support in putting your marketing ideas into action - these Marketing TeleClasses are definitely for you.

If you would like to be notified about our upcoming Free Marketing TeleClasses simply send a blank email to:


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